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Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, “Pomp”

  Jean Baptiste Charbonneau was born on February 11, 1805 in Fort Mandan, near what today is Washburn, North Dakota. He was the son of  and . He was nicknamed Pomp, as was the tradition with the first born son of a  mother. When Jean Baptiste was 55 days old…

Toussaint Charbonneau

    Charbonneau was a particular individual, the least liked of all the members of the. Lewis referred to him as “a man of no peculiar merit”. Historians have portrayed him as a coward who hit his wife and had a particular attraction to young Native American girls. He is…


Sacagawea’s tribe, the Shoshone

  Sacagawea belonged to the Lemhi Shoshone band of Northern Shoshones who lived in the Tendoy/Salmon Idaho area. The Lemhi-Shoshone tribe is made up of the Agaidikas or Salmon-Eater Shoshone and the Tukidikas or Sheep-Eater Shoshone. Sacagawea belonged to the Agaidikas and is the most well-known member of the Shoshone….